Collision 1.1.0

Collision 1.1.1

Introducing lifelines!

Wipe out or freeze your enemies.

Make your bullets explode on impact.

Improved graphics and visual feedback.

Reduced apk size from 36Mb to 19Mb. (On playstore only, what's uploaded here is a single apk which supports both 32 and 64 bit of arm and x86 hence larger file size)

Level 5 spinning enemies.

Level 8 enemies changing spin direction.

Adjusted enemy spawn area.

Cooldown on shoot to prevent double tap exploit but low enough to react on close targets.

Decreased level up score requirement from 500 to 300.

Added bgm.

Files 15 MB
Jul 29, 2019
Mac 18 MB
Jul 29, 2019 17 MB
Jul 29, 2019 Play in browser
Jul 29, 2019 39 MB
Jul 29, 2019

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