You are the defense commander of an exploration ship. Your job is to protect it from the threat of asteroid impacts using heavy weapons installed on the ship! How long will you last?


Switch your defenses by taping or clicking to destroy asteroids of a certain size.



Gatling gun has the highest damage per second and you can just sit back and watch this bad boy destroy those pieces of rocks floating in space if it weren't for one reason, it can't penetrate large asteroids. Upgrading it makes its cooldown even lower.


Cannon has high damage per bullet but has higher cooldown than gatling gun making its damage per second lower. Good news is, it can destroy large asteroids! Bad news is, it can't hit small ones due to low accuracy. Increase its damage by upgrading.


Tesla ravages and slows all kinds of asteroids in front of it. It even has a high damage capable of destroying a small asteroid in a single shot. 10? 20? 30 in a line? 1 zap is all it takes! Its only drawback is its ridiculously high cooldown. Increase its damage by upgrading.


A level up lowers the delay or speeds up 1 asteroid size in exchange of single defense upgrade. Bad trade? Yes, it is.


Defenses can fire immediately after you switch them in.


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